Scaling Up: Data and Education Technology (Part1)

This blog post is part of a series: our thought partners who were not able to attend the Future of Learning summit were asked to create video responses to questions related to the panel discussion.

Kyle Jaebker is a tech specialist in Indianapolis, formerly director of the IMA Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Jaebker’s work spans from web and on-site interactives to mobile. Jaebker has a passion for using open-source tools and the latest technologies to solve complex problems. In the video below, Jaebker responds to these questions:

  • How have recent innovations in education technology enhanced students’ and teachers’ ability (and capacity) to do their work?
  • What ed tech projects are you most proud to see taking place at your institution?
  • What trends do you anticipate shaping the next 20 years of education technology? Why?


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