Rebecca Klemm: Let students learn in their own way

This blogpost is part of a series where our thought partners who were not able to attend the Future of Learning Summit were asked to create video responses to a variety of questions related to the panel discussion.

In the video below, Rebecca Klemm, founder of NumbersAlive!, submitted the following video response when asked, “How has your work helped students navigate the sometimes difficult path between learning what they need to know and inspiring them to create and take ownership of their ideas?”


During the Q&A portion of the panel, a student in the audience who is also a member of our Teen Arts Council, shared her experience with a teacher who made learning AP Calculus engaging and relevant to her.

“I’m bad at math, that’s why I love art so much, but I’m in an AP Calculus BC course and I’m doing well in it because my teacher knows how to create an environment where I can learn the way that’s best for me. For example, I made a music video about calculus. Instead of Take me to Church by Hozier, [we created a video called] “Take me to Calc.”
This student exemplifies the idea that Rebecca talks about in her video that encourages educators to let students learn in the way that works best for them in order to create meaningful learning experiences.

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