Introducing Concept Explorer v2

By Ashley Weinard, Educator


Concept mapping on just got way more fun, flexible, and personal. The new and improved version of the NCMA’s Concept Explorer tool lets you customize your concept maps with your own images and your own concepts. We have been listening to your feedback and requests for more versatility! Thanks for helping us make our mapping tool even cooler and more useful.

Now, let’s see what you can do with the new CE 2.0:

1. You can map your own images, as well as NCMA collection works.

Can’t find the image you are looking for on ArtNC? Add your own.

addanimage copy

Look for this icon in your Portfolio or under the My Images tab in the Concept Explorer. Click on the icon to upload a selfie, photo of a friend, your favorite landscape, an object you treasure, a student art work, or even an NCMA gallery shot. The options are endless. Be creative!

MyImages copy

Personal images are stored in your Portfolio. Your photos will remain private unless you decide to make your concept maps public.

personalimages in portfolio copy


2. You can tag your personal images with Big Picture concepts and your own concepts.

After you upload your own image, you can tag it with provided Big Picture concepts (e.g., change, communication, environment, interdependence), and you can add your own concepts to your image. (Go wild!) All the concepts you have selected and added will show up as options for concept mapping your image.

maskedit copymaskmap copy 


3. You can use your iPad or Android tablet to take and upload new photos within the Concept Explorer.

Have a tablet? Head outside, visit a museum gallery, or capture your classroom. Create a concept map of what you see around you.

Log into your account. Then tap the Start a Concept Map button on the home page.

startbutton copy




Select My Images and tap the Add-an-Image icon.

addanimage copy

Choose Image File and the Take Photo option. Use the photo or retake it to get a better shot. Add an image title, select your concepts, or add your own. Now you’re ready to start your map.

ipad copy

These new Concept Explorer features give you and your students the freedom and versatility to design and customize your own concept maps. Share your unique ideas and images with other teachers by making your maps public! Or, browse maps shared by other teachers in the Concept Maps section of the web site. Custom concept maps are distinguished by a camera icon on the bottom right of the map icon.

 menuicons copy

Connect and share in your own way. We can’t wait to see and hear about the new connections you and your students create!



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