Workshop Reflection

By Michaela Hafley, Mendenhall Middle School, Greensboro, NC

On February 23, I attended the “Visual Literacy and the Common Core” workshop at the NCMA.  I’m an art teacher and I was able to convince my High School English teacher husband to go.  We are always discussing ways to incorporate each other’s subject into our own classroom so we thought it would be a good “educational date”…and it was!

I’ve participated in Art of Collaboration workshops before so I was familiar with Visual Thinking Strategies but I really enjoyed seeing other techniques put into practice.  Seeing an English teacher compare/contrast Thomas Hart Benton’s Spring on the Missouri to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God helped me see how I can show the Language Arts teachers at my school how to integrate art into their curriculum.  This really does help the student all-around.  I think it makes the work more meaningful when they have lots of different ways in which to learn about it.

I feel the best part of the workshop was seeing the Common Core broken down into its simplest form.  It really made me understand what the teachers are working toward and it helped me see how the “text” of the artwork relates.

My husband and I then got to have lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon in Raleigh.  We had SO many new ideas to try. It was a great “educational date” .

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