Excuse me, but do you have the Time?

By Camille Tewell, Teacher Programs Manager, The Big Picture

I received an email from a teacher the other day. At the end of the message she wrote: “I…love the arts integration program that you have at the museum. I just wish I could slow some of the other things going on around school so that I could focus on implementing it.” 

We hear this a lot–teachers are busy people. The school year moves quickly and there are other demands on your time. How can busy people explore new ideas in their profession without neglecting their responsibilities? Where do you find the time for inspiration? What difficult questions to answer! Surely there isn’t a single solution that works for everyone.

We want you to know that we are listening. Big Picture professional development programs for teachers come in all shapes and sizes—we offer short webinars, single- or two-day workshops, and (if you have lots of time to spare) year-long, intensive fellowships. Could one (or more) of these fit into your life?

If not, try our blog on for size. We won’t trespass on your time here, particularly with our new series of bite-sized posts (we’re calling them “Timecapsules”) on the concept of Time, which has been designed with your (limited) time in mind. Do you teach Time in your subject area? Each Timecapsule features a work of art in our collection and brief thoughts on how the work connects with the common teaching concept of Time.

Timecapsule #1 to be opened on ArtNC News in exactly 5 days.

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