Our Perception of an Expo

By Camille Tewell, Teacher Programs Manager, The Big Picture

Imagine a large space filled with interesting and interested colleagues. Jazz notes skim over animated conversations in small groups. Wine glasses, forks, and china plates clink. Old and new friends embrace or shake hands. Intermittent laughter erupts as smiles, stories, and ideas bounce from one person to the next. Nearby masterpieces of painting and sculpture await investigation. Sound like a decent vibe for an evening out? This pretty much sums up the atmosphere of an Educator Expo hosted by the NCMA.

On the evening of November 7 we expect about 250 K–12 teachers of all subjects to join us for all of this―plus the opportunity to think deeply about the concept of “perception” as it relates to classroom instruction. We dedicate teacher programming at the NCMA to the concepts and big ideas that help students connect learning between subjects. Do you teach “perception” in your classroom? What makes “perception” different from “observation”? What do your students need to understand about this concept to succeed in the 21st century?

How will our panel of experts respond to such questions? NCMA curator John Coffey, artist Devorah Sperber, and playwright/artistic director Paul Frellick (of the Deep Dish Theater Company in Chapel Hill) come together on a panel to illuminate their perspectives on the subject.

If you miss this year’s Expo, don’t worry—we’ll do it again next fall! Or, if you teach outside of the Triangle, we’ll be bringing an Expo to your area soon. You can find us this spring in Jacksonville: look for the date soon on ArtNC.org/programs.

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