Big Picture Student Exhibitions at the NCMA

By Camille Tewell, Teacher Programs Manager, The Big Picture
Think your students might like seeing their own works of art displayed at the NCMA? Start planning now! Implement a lesson in early September to meet the deadline for the winter exhibition. Or, try a lesson at any point during the year to submit works for our fall 2013 show. Here are the details:

Test out one of the many art-integrated lesson plans on and submit the best student work sample. (You are welcome to make modifications to the lesson plan to meet the needs of your students.) Two-dimensional works must be no larger than 18 x 24 inches, and three-dimensional works should be less than 10 inches deep.

Submissions from any grade level or subject area are welcome. Works will be selected based on the originality of the student work sample and the teacher’s use or adaptation of the art-integrated lesson plan.

Entries must include:

·       Photo of the student work sample (jpeg is recommended)

·       Photo of the implementation of the lesson plan in the classroom (jpeg is recommended)

·       Title of the related ArtNC lesson plan and a description of any modifications you made

·       Two- to three-sentences describing why you think the student’s product is exemplary.

Exhibition 1 (two-dimensional works only)

·       Deadline for submissions: September 24, 2012

·       Exhibition on view at the NCMA January 11–April 14, 2013

Exhibition 2

·       Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2013

·       Exhibition on view at the NCMA October 25, 2013–January 5, 2014

To submit an entry, send it by e-mail to Camille Tewell at

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