Art Supports Literacy

By Camille Tewell, Teacher Programs Manager, The Big Picture

The Big Picture teamed up with the North Carolina Reading Association recently to reflect on how art can enhance literacy. Twenty-two teachers from all over the state (from Swain County to Tyrrell County!) put their heads together in North Carolina Museum of Art galleries to look at art, make connections, and learn new teaching strategies. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences:

This opens up a world of ideas! I am excited at creating plans/units that include a work of art.

Before the workshop it had never occurred to me to use art in literacy. I will now branch out.

I loved seeing how to connect comprehension skills in reading to works of art.

I had never thought about using writing and art together other than the “look and write about it” goal.  Now I’ve seen ways to teach writing through art.

The investigation continues at our July workshop, Teaching Visual Literacy (details coming soon). Meanwhile, check out the trove of lesson plans aligned to the new Common Core.

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